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The Story

The Beginning


The story begins in September 2017.
When we (Werner and Hanna) bought our first Roos Guesthouse,
after some renovations and refurbishments on the site, we opened on February 28, 2018.

The hard work was immediately rewarded with the highest visitor rating in the Philippines with a Kayak/Booking.com Score of 9.8 /10.

2019 was also a successful year with a score of 9.7 /10

in 2020:

In December 2020 we bought a 2nd Roos Guesthouse (at the back, adjacent to our 1st site).
At the beginning of 2021 there was a lockdown in the Philippines due to the Covind-19 measures, but that gave us time to continue working hard on the renovations.
The 2e Roos Guesthouse opened its doors on August 12, 2021.

That year we achieved high scores for both Roos Guesthouses, with the new part even having the highest score in the Philippines, from Kayak/Booking.com !

Score 4.5 / 5

Because part 1 is a big difference compared to part 2, deciding to sell part of it and renew the rest, we are still working on this, so there will also be a pool with massage room, etc. and new rooms.

Ratings in 2021 we were the best B&B Inn again:

and in 2022 a score of 4.5 /5, at the moment.
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Top Facilities:


Free Fast WiFi Airport Shuttle*
Free Parking Safty & Security
Bar (closed in the night)* Breakfast & Food
Spa* Full Body-* / Massage*
24h Front Desk Service Cleaning & Laundry Service
Air-Conditioning Activities in the area


Spoken Languages
English Philippines / Pilipino Dutch / Nederlands German / Deutsch

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